Domestic packaging machinery industry will usher in tough times?

Domestic packaging machinery industry will usher in tough times?

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Paper cup making machine In the moment, doing content that content is king; do speaking channels channel is king; do the data say that information is king …… for the packaging industry, its “benevolent” what is it? Packaging materials crazy prices, continued weakness in domestic demand, the economic downturn in the market environment, the packaging industry what should go from here?

It is understood that in the packaging business, the Managing Director (UK) global leader in packaging businesses DS Smith, Gareth has said he started the digital printing technology in new packaging product application said he was pleased. Meanwhile, as the general manager of the printing company KCS director of the UK’s leading printing companies, one of Thalia thought, creative and personalized printing and packaging products for digital printing technology since the degree is gradually strengthened, and the rapid growth of digital printing equipment just in line with the current development trend of the packaging industry.

From the current domestic environment, the development of the packaging industry is not optimistic, firstly because of environmental problems, resulting in severe haze around a large number of paper cut-off, limited production, and the cost of the paper mill sewage charges rise, lift all the factors the high cost of paper, plus half of the domestic paper raw material comes from imports, devaluation of the domestic paper prices also affected.

Economic data from the various parties, it will be more or depression a year this year. For the packaging industry enterprises, we are trying hard to reduce packaging costs, packaging forward simple, lightweight direction. The industry believes that green packaging packaging industry this year will be the development of a consensus with the trend, while the industry itself will accelerate the introduction of relevant standards on green packaging. From the management level, the regulatory authorities is bound to strengthen environmental supervision, green packaging increase policy guidance.

We see from the domestic trends, it may look the international market, after all, the domestic food packaging machinery both technically and from the scale of development lags behind the developed countries. According to foreign packaging machinery development situation, the consolidation trend in the industry has been unstoppable. User needs Forced industry convergence, complete sets of equipment supply more popular, from the packaging procedure, the primary packaging and secondary packaging will contact more closely, the two will eventually together.

According to the current domestic large packaging business point of view, the integration of the road has been opened. Insiders pointed out that the trend of packaging machinery industry is to complete the unity of the front and rear track packaging machinery industry consolidation trend is irreversible, and in the integration process, some companies will have the strength of leadership may develop into industry leading enterprises. However, some point of view, the packaging machinery industry downstream demand downturn, intelligent production line to expand less than expected, industry consolidation still needs further development.

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