Raising seedling paper container to help the afforestation in Greater Khingan Range forest area

paper cup making machine “The use of the paper container for afforestation and seedling raising will play a positive role in improving the quality and survival rate of Greater Khingan Range forest in Inner Mongolia Province, meanwhile, it can create a good economic benefit for the enterprise. In the future, we will actively encourage the majority of cadres and workers to put forward more and better rationalization proposals.” Yesterday, Inner Mongolia Greater Khingan Range Jinhe forestry company Sen told reporters after the director of the peak.
According to reports, in recent years, Inner Mongolia Daxinganling Jinhe forestry companies Sen the union actively encourage the cadres and workers, in improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, strengthen management, energy saving, and foster new economic growth points and put forward reasonable suggestions. Recently, the workers put forward on the introduction of the “nursery paper container production line” of the proposal has been adopted by the company. Through market research, the company from Guangxi Academy of forestry, the introduction of the first domestic afforestation seedling production line and production sales of paper container. The seedling cultivation and afforestation paper container with cups adhesive good, convenient transportation, the mountain afforestation can be independently cup, after afforestation, easy degradation, is conducive to ecological and environmental protection, is the breeding container seedling is an ideal method at present.muffin cup machinepaper cup making machine05
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